1. About Me

I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy Department at University College Cork, Ireland. I did my PhD (1994) at the London School of Economics.

I specialize in political philosophy, especially on questions of social injustice, human rights, and political violence. See my other pages for my publications on these and other themes.

I’m currently working on three different projects:

  1. Social Injustice. I’m trying to articulate a full theory of social injustice. The two pillars of this theory are the concepts of arbitrariness and forced cooperation. I believe these intuitions can be found in Rawls’s A Theory of Justice.  My article on colonialism in the Journal of Social Philosophy (2017) explores some of these themes.
  2. The Philosophy of Human Rights. I want to formulate a full theory of human rights based on David Hume’s views on morality, in particular his deflationary account of truth. My article on philosophical foundations of human rights in Political Studies (2017) explores some of these issues.
  3. Cicero. I decided to write a very short book on ‘Why Read Cicero Today’. I believe constitutional democracy is in crisis in many corners of the world, including Europe, and Cicero can help us find a way out. My newspaper OpEd in the Irish Examiner (2017) explores some of these issues.


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  1. Profr. Bufacchi.

    Congratulations for your website. Very nice.

    Your contributions are very important for review the violence.

    Regards from Puebla, Mexico.

    Thank you for share your researches with us.

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